Thursday, June 11, 2009

P 160 Rose-Gold

P 158 Golden Spikes

C 148 long hanging Pendant SPUTNIK

Ceramique Bead also available in light yellow, white and black

P 158 Sarah Bernhard

C 149 long hanging Necklace blue Fish

C 147 long hanging pendant Sarah Bernhard

P 146 long hanging pendant

P 154 Estrella del Mar

P 155 Turquoise Tears

P 156 Shells and Fishes

more colours available....

P 157

P 151

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C 348

Inbetween the Leaves are mounted Svarowsky-Crystals, the Colours can be variated.

C 347 Crystal

The Crystal is available in transparent Gold and opaque Black

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

C 346 Haifa

P 147 Crystal Transparent

P 147 Crystal Lila

P 147 Crystal Black

P 134 Golden Fish with red Murano-Glass-Leave

Pu 170 Murano-Glass-Leaves Green Orange White

Pu 169 Lila-Blue-Orange

C 345 Capri

C 325 Reversible Yellow-Turquoise-Blue

C 324 Reversible Yellow-Orange

This is a Colour-Sample for the

Necklaces 6 Pics down, where you

see them with the chain attached ; they hang

long and can be worn short, too.
The fringe is made of Silk.

P 146 Amazonia Light-Green and Orange

P 146 Amazonia Yellow-Orange