Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

C 315 Golden Bees

C 313 Velasquez and C314 Velasquez Green

These necklaces can be worn as well as long Hippie-Style Items with the fringes touching almost the waist. Brazilian Quarz and spanish Silk-Fringes in Tones of Green

Italian Glass-Beads and spanish Silk-Fringes in Tones of Blue

C 312 Mogambo

This necklace can be worn as well as a long Hippie-Style Item with the fringes touching the waist.

Black african Ceramic-Beads, Metallparts in Renaissance-Style and a very long black Silk-Fringe

C 201 Josefine

Coco-Pieces, Brass, Murano-Crystal, Bone

P 700 Electric Green and Electric Blue

Swarovsky-Crystals and Sterling-Silver 925

P 702 pale Blue and P 703 pale Green

Swarovsky-Crystals and Sterling Silver 925

C 300 Cascade

"Cascade" photographed by Nicolas Neufcourt, Model Janine Anika

"Cascade" is available in a lot of colour-ranges - tone-in-tone combinations as well as shocking colour-clashes ...